About The Film


To Be Born is about a young woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy that seeks to have an abortion. In the midst of the procedure, she finds herself in a regrettable situation when she hears her unborn daughter begin to describe the chilling details of what is happening to her.

Approximate run time: 15 minutes.

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The film is based off a story called "A Letter from an Aborted Child," which had been used for nearly 10 years by Father Stephen Lesniewski for use to show women in a time of indecision. He estimates that over 500 babies have been saved because of his efforts in utilizing the aforementioned piece. Upon its' great success, Fr. Stephen decided to have a film produced with the hope that the overall message would reach an even larger audience.

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The Cast

Mother of Child

Be it stage or film, acting has been constant for most of Amanda’s life. After training for two years in New York City, she returned to Chicago to put her developed skills to good use. She has stated that she is grateful to have worked with such talented people throughout her career.

Father of Child

Although having enjoyed his first acting experience, Marcos' true passion lies within writing. It was most enjoyable for him to work with the amazing cast and crew to collaborate on elements of the script.

Role of Child

Leslie is a young and talented artist, as she loves to draw and express herself creatively in numerous fashions. She began working on To Be Born at the tender age of 6, which was roughly two years ago. With no prior acting background, Leslie was able take on the role of Susie with a very naturalistic feel.

Voice of Child

Bailey is a talented, young 10-year-old who acts, loves to sing and participate in dances. She has already established an ever-growing list of credits such as performances at Six Flags, The Texas Opry and various other events. Most recently, she was named the lead singer for a new Barney & Friends music video called "Rock Like a Monkey."


For the past 10 years, Julie has alternated her time working in both politics and publishing (Salvo & Touchstone Magazines), through which she met many inspirational people who motivated her to pursue the arts. To Be Born was her first forey into acting and she feels it an honor to have received the chance to work with such great people. You can now find her doing live foley (with the occassional casting in small acting parts) for Chicken Heart Productions, her family's theater company that performs old-time radio shows throughout the Chicagoland area.


Spirit Juice Studios

Spirit Juice Studios is a multi-disciplinary design studio comprised of individuals working mainly in the fields of web, print, motion design, and audio production. Based on the same idea of contemporary design for sorely-lacking Catholic entities, the studio was founded by Rob Kaczmark and Bernie Czerwinski in the summer of 2007.

Father Stephen Lesniewski

Author of four books on the Eucharist, and over 20 years experience of consoling women outside abortion clinics. Father Stephen decided to help create this film, in an effort to convince mothers open to choose life.

Rob Kaczmark

Partner and production manager of Spirit Juice Studios, Rob has been involved with the Catholic ministry for over 10 years, while simultaneously working in the secular film and music scene. In 2005, Rob co-founded Spirit Juice Studios with Bernie Czerwinski in order to help push Catholic media projects to higher levels of quality.

Danny Hidalgo

Danny joined Spirit Juice Studios in 2007 as Director of Photography, and has since served multiple roles on most film projects. To Be Born offered the perfect opportunity to push his visual limits with several different camera formats and lenses choices.

Susie Knickrhem

Susie has worked for a variety of production and television companies throughout the years. Seeking to use her gifts to make a difference in the world through the arts, she moved to Chicago and shortly thereafter started working on small projects with Spirit Juice Studios.

Kristie Kaczmark

Kristie has an incredible eye and passion for all things related to art & design, and stellar hair & makeup talents. Working on To Be Born has allowed her to tap into the pinnacle of all these talents. She is a film & print veteran, and has been hard at work honing her craft since 1993. If you can't find her on set, you can certainly hear her because her laughter is contagious.

Oscar Delgado

Oscar spent the early part of his career beginning in 1986 as an NBC News network producer, eventually becoming the Bureau Chief of Latin America. In 1998, he moved into producing feature films with the MGM release of The Learning Curve, He is currently working on various development projects in both TV and Film. Oscar decided to use his talent on To Be Born so the film could reach a wider audience.